Battery Killer: the iPhone and iPod Touch battery conditioner app

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Extend the life and performance of your iPhone or iPod Touch battery by keeping it properly conditioned!

According to Apple's iPhone battery life web page, it is important to periodically fully charge and then completely drain your battery..

Battery Killer makes it fun and easy to drain your battery.

Just start the application and it creatively uses all the resources of your iPhone, such as 3D graphics, sound, network (WIFI/3G/Edge), location/GPS, and accellerometer.

The interactive 3D graphics depict an animated battery which responds to your touches and movements of the phone, and eventually explodes before cycling again. (Only the onscreen battery explodes while your real battery is safely decharged and conditioned).

By keeping the screen brightness on even when you put the phone down, and taxing all your device's resources, Battery Killer will efficiently drain your iPhone/iPod as quickly as safely possible.

Battery Killer will tell you the last time it was run so that you can condition your battery only as desired. It is recommended a full decharge/recharge cycle be conducted every 30 days.

Tip: to squeeze the final juice out of your battery, tap the low battery warning notice when it appears.


  • animated 3D graphics
  • safely and effeciently drains battery using all resources
  • helps give your iPhone or iPod touch maximum battery life

Available on the iPhone App Store


Battery Killer ScreenshotsBattery Killer ScreenshotsBattery Killer ScreenshotsBattery Killer Screenshots

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